I would recommend her for any position without reservation!

Tucson Pet Sitter

Les, Nancy and Beloved Bitte

“As a Personal Assistant, Annie’s organization skills, ability to plan, effectively carry out plans, and desire to help others in need have helped served to make the lives of those she assists less complicated. She consistently employs active listening and unending patience and enjoys getting to know people from all walks of life. She has a gift with animals, children and the elderly making them feel at ease and cared for.

As a Pet Sitter, Annie fostered our dog in her home. Our pet was a high-energy rescue dog with numerous issues from being abused and does not trust many people, especially women, and she created an amazing bond.

I would trust Annie with any aspect of my life. She is honorable and hardworking and was an asset to our philanthropic programs and the local people of our community. She is a very special person and it was a privilege to work with her and become her friend. My husband, Dr. C, and I would recommend her for any position without reservation.”

Nancy C

Annie Was A Lifesaver

The first time we hired Annie was to help prepare for an annual holiday party we host. She spent two days cleaning, preparing, shopping, decorating our home and helping me bake. She was a lifesaver.

We also hired Annie to frequently run errands and to be our Pet Sitter and Pet Taxi driver. Annie was lovingly wonderful to our dogs, Zeus, a German Shepard, Thor, a Standard Poodle, and Odin (our recent addition) whether she took care of them, took them for their vet appointments or just stopped by for a visit.

When my cat, Shyboy, had to be taken to the vet in an emergency and I was unable to do so because of work, Annie jumped in and saved the day. Not only did she pick him up to transport him to the vet, she stayed with him and made sure he was well taken care of, even staying after my arrival from work to make sure I was okay also.

She also enjoyed stopping by my grooming shop with lunch or treats. Rather than just stand and visit, is was just natural for her to clean or help where she could a bit while watching and learning about grooming to increase her animal knowledge and help with photo sessions of my furry clients after groomed. We enjoyed taking an Animal CPR and First Aid Certification class together also. My husband and I have no hesitation in recommending Annie. We just wish she hadn’t moved away from Windsor, CO!

Eika S. R. Haas, CVT, NCMG
Purrrfect Paws, LLC
Steven Haas,, LLC

Amazing… I am so grateful!

“Annie transcribed my life story, a gift to my children. Instead of just typing text, she incorporated background sounds she could hear in the recording of my telling, making the history much more personal for my family. The rocking chair, the creek on the wooden stairs, a ping on a piano key, the clock ringing in the background, the mailman delivering the daily mail and train whistle in the distance – all familiar sounds my children will recall and enjoy reminiscing about long after I’m gone. She helped my story telling become a much more visual legacy for my children, for which I am thankful. I’ve no doubt she pens a beautiful letter.”

Mr. G

I am grateful for her support!

“Annie went with me to the animal hospital to provide support in a time of need when taking my parent’s dog, Maggie, to be put to sleep. Annie stayed with me through the end, providing the strength and compassion needed for this task, for which I’m grateful. As your house sitter, rest assured you will return to a very clean, organized home, with fresh fruit and grocery basics stocked in the refrigerator, fresh linens on the bed and more. Her attention to detail is to be commended.”

Debbie S.

You won’t find a better Pet or House Sitter.

“Annie is the first person we call when we travel. We trust her to care for our home and our cats, Koko and Moka, who she’s cared for frequently over the years, which usually require extended overnight stays. She’s known them since they were kittens and they absolutely love her. She goes above and beyond and has been known to spoil them rotten on her visits and communicates with us via email or phone to let us know how the cats are doing. We can recommend her without hesitation. You won’t find a better Pet or House Sitter.”

Lisa and Frank F.

She Worked Above and Beyond

“Annie was hired to care for my Mom, who suffered from Dementia. She was incredible, energetic, positive and a hard worker. She did exactly what I had hoped…got my Mom up and moving and involved in activities. She made meals, took my Mom shopping, did light housekeeping, cared for and engaged my mom in art activities and games and enjoyed the interaction. Annie also enjoyed caring for and walking our dogs. Annie was one of the few caregivers my Mom actually liked and enjoyed being with.

She was largely responsible for the situation in our home being predictable and pleasant. She has a talent for keeping accurate records and organizing systems and took on the task of submitting paperwork to the insurance company for us. She is an effective communicator, cares deeply and took responsibility above and beyond any of my expectations.”

Paige N.

She was an angel for us and an angel for my folks

“It is with pleasure, ease and confidence I endorse Annie. She did many things for my folks, such as:

  • grocery shopping, light meal preparation, and other errands
  • visits to the casino for entertainment and dinners out
  • escorting my mother to doctor and attorney appointments
  • looking out for my Mother’s best interest while in the hospital
  • sorting through and packing their house in preparation of a move
  • reviewing and negotiating more favorable terms of a contract upon selling their home
  • taking on important administrative matters such as paying their bills, reviewing medical bills, corresponding and communicating with the hospital and insurance companies
  • serving as a family liaison keeping my sister and I abreast of important matters, with my folk’s knowledge, of course.

She could be counted on to be honest, discreet, and respectful about matters that had an impact on their livelihoods. Annie was also doing these same kind of tasks for many of my folk’s friends in the same community as needs arose, more out of kindness and her love of seniors, than for financial gain. We couldn’t have been luckier to have Annie help with my folks, nor could we ever thank her enough.

I would have no reservation recommending her for anything connected with elder care and would know the receivers of such care would be also very comforted and in the hands of someone very trustworthy. She would have their best interest at heart in all matters. She was an angel for us and an angel for my folks.”

Harold O.

Annie, you are an angel!

I was so impressed by your initial consultation and thorough application. Every potential emergency was covered by your care to detail. The dogs were calm and loved upon my return. Not a dead plant, nor a dog mess were to be found. You and your service are the best!

Cindy R.

We could not be happier!

“We had Annie from All About Services watch our kitten over the holidays. We were incredibly pleased with the care and attention our kitten was given. While scheduling services, Annie was very thorough. We knew she had covered everything.

We were in and out of the house over the time Annie cared for our pet and she double checked we would be arriving home and leaving again at our scheduled times. It was reassuring to know if weather had made it impossible to return home, our kitten would still be taken care of. Each time we returned home, everything was just as we had left it. Our newspaper brought in, the kitten had food and water, and her litter box was emptied daily. We also received frequent communication during our time away.

We could not be happier with the care our kitten was given. We know we will be using All About Services again in the future.”

James and Amanda C.

A Lifesaver

Annie became my “family” and was such a blessing. It started out with me asking her to review a contractor’s bid for a wheelchair ramp for my trailer. She took a contractor to task for his $10,000 bid and found a licensed, reliable contractor with great references who built my ramp for $1,200. She ran my errands, did grocery shopping, helped me sell my car and trailer, attended Dr. appointments with me, visited while I was in the hospital, made soup when I was sick, helped shampoo my hair, got my mail and helped me pay my bills. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

J Brown

She Helped During A Crucial Time

Annie came to my rescue many, many times – I couldn’t have gone on without her. My husband fell down the stairs at our entry and konked his head – she heard me crying for help. My husband of 68 years died in the hospital. She looked out after me from then on and helped me learn how to pay bills, work the TV remote, helped explain everything that was going on to my son in South Dakota, and then helped me and my sister pack our homes and sell them so we could return back home. She loved my roses.

Velma G