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There's No Place Like Home

Seeking an experienced, reliable and trustworthy Tucson Pet Sitter to care for your beloved family pets in your absence? This is one of the specialty services for All About Services by Annie.

There’s no place like home for your furry family – have peace of mind when away knowing your pets will be exceptionally well cared for in their own environment, where they are most comfortable. Annie of All About Services is a Tucson Pet Sitter who will come to your home to provide high-quality, personal, customized care so your pets have daily companionship, can sleep in their own bed, keep their regular feeding and exercise schedule, have playtime with their favorite toys and avoid the stress, anxiety and health concerns of a boarding kennel. Your pet’s health, happiness and well-being are Annie’s first priority, as is the security of your home.

As a full-service Tucson Pet Sitter, Annie's forte is primarily cats and dogs, though there have been the occasional fish, bunny, chicken, tortoise and bird over the years, leaving reptiles to experts in that field.

Tucson Pet Sitter

Pet Taxi Service – Perhaps you can’t get time off work to get your pet to the vet or groomer? No worries…All About Services can provide pet taxi service assuring your pet the best care possible.

Specialized End-of-Life Compassion Care – One of the hardest things in the world is having to say goodbye to our beloved pets. Perhaps the time has come for you to take your pet to the vet for euthanasia and just can’t bring yourself to do it, or need a companion to go along… Whatever the situation is, All About Services by Annie, your Tucson Pet Sitter, can assist with this, including taking your pet for you and being with them until the end.

She has been known to have a gift with shy, timid dogs and cats, spending hours quietly sitting, patiently waiting for them to make the first move to have owners come home surprised to see their always-hiding cat or sometimes feisty furry family sitting in her lap.

Tucson Pet Sitter

Always the “girl next door” whom neighbors and friends called upon to watch their animals, she’s been pet sitting since first grade and has had a love affair with animals since her first stray kitten at age 6. It took 10 days for Annie and her sister to wear their Father down, who finally gave in and fed this beautiful little kitty on a Sunday morning before church. Little did he know, this feisty little calico was already well on the way to fat and sassy from all the food they’d been sneaking out to her daily to make sure she’d stay around! Rosie, lived a long and wonderful life of 18 years, being dressed up, going for rides in a baby pram, following Annie everywhere she went to school, the park or to a friend’s home to play. Annie has had many other beloved pets in her life including gold fish, chameleon lizards, parakeet, cats, a Saint Bernard and fostered others.

She has been known to have a gift with shy, timid dogs and cats, spending hours quietly sitting, patiently waiting for them to make the first move to have owners come home surprised to see their always-hiding cat or sometimes feisty furry family sitting in her lap.

All About Services is licensed, insured, and bonded. Annie, an experienced Tucson Pet Sitter and Tucson House Sitter comes with outstanding references.

She is certified in:

  • Pet CPR and First-Aid
  • Disaster Recovery by American Humane Society

Annie has long been a volunteer with different animal welfare organizations and been involved with numerous high-volume/no or low cost spay and neuter clinics both in the USA and Central America, and continually improves her skills by frequently taking courses, such as Positive Perspectives on Enrichment and Training for Pet, Shelter, Shy and High-Arousal Dogs with Mik Moeller. As an active volunteer for Handi-Dogs, she assists with classes, outreach events and most recently has been learning how to assess dogs found in facilities that may be suited for Handi-Dogs amazing Rescue-to-Service program in Tucson. She has been a member in good standing for several years with various professional organizations, including Chamber of Commerce, Professional United Pet Sitters, Pet Sitters Associates and Pet Sitters International (CPPS) in Colorado and Tucson.

Tucson Pet Sitter Areas Serviced:

Serving Central Tucson, Foothills & Surrounding Areas
Overnights or visits requiring less frequent visits, may allow for the perimeters to be expanded, with a nominal mileage surcharge. Please contact Annie via email with your details or by phone to discuss your needs. She makes every effort to call back within a few hours in most cases and always within 24 hours.

Tucson Pet Sitter Services Provided:

As a Tucson Pet Sitter, every job is customized and personalized based on your needs and can include:

  • Dog walking during appropriate weather
  • Multiple daily visits to overnights
  • Mid-day potty breaks with waste pick up/disposal
  • Feeding/fresh water, dish cleaning
  • Medication administration
  • Litterbox maintenance-scooping, disposal, replenish/replace litter, sweep/clean surrounding area
  • Bedding maintenance-freshen, replace, clean as needed
  • Indoor accident clean up (this can require additional time and is billed accordingly)
  • Enrichment, play and affection Time
  • Treats
  • Light grooming/brushing
  • Texting, photos, emailing and/or documentation of each visit

Interested in hiring Annie as your Tucson Pet Sitter?

Please contact Annie by email or phone for an initial conversation to discuss your exact dates of care, number and types of visits you’ll be needing along with your location and other specifics. If all the logistics work out, the next step is an in-home consult to assure compatibility, often complimentary. Because every situation is personalized to meet your specific needs, the rates for services are determined after these steps, but are always fair and competitive. An extensive service agreement, current shots and veterinarian authorization-to-treat form is required prior to start of each job to assure the best possible care for your pets and home.

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Tucson Pet Sitting

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