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Specialized Senior or Elder Care Support Services are designed to meet the non-medical needs of active seniors or elderly adults who may have limitations preventing them from doing day-to-day tasks or specialty projects with ease. Whether living independently, in assisted-living or skilled nursing facilities, everyone needs a helping hand occasionally. If children are living at a distance, unable to be near, it can provide peace of mine knowing someone is physically looking in on their loved one and communicating with the family to assure well-being.

If you have found this page, perhaps you are the family member of a senior or you are an aging adult yourself looking for a solution to a challenge. Maybe that special someone who always helped out is gone or you’d prefer to have help from outside the perimeters of those closest to you. All About Services by Annie may be a great option with an extensive number of Specialized Tucson Senior or Elder Care Support Services available.

Annie learned while working in a skilled nursing facility with an Alzheimer’s/Dementia Unit that her heart was not in the administration arena, but much more about a compassion and desire to spend time listening to the stories of seniors, doing things for them when the need arose and comforting those in need. She has always been passionate about the senior and aging community and will advocate for their best interests, when needed. If the tasks she provides helps an elderly client stay independent and helps fulfill their desire to continue living at home safely, she will gladly assist in this endeavor.

Annie can serve in a variety of ways. Whether helping with household management tasks, shopping, to-do lists, providing companionship or wellness checks, end-of-life compassion care, recovery care from illness or surgery, or more comprehensive needs, she hopes to enrich the lives of those she works with in the senior community by engaging, overcoming challenges respectfully and providing more personalized services while keeping dignity intact. Annie has an eye for detail, organization, logistics, and thrives on solving problems creatively and efficiently with compassion, patience, common-sense, a wonderful sense of humor and a smile.

For those uncomfortable attending a social engagement by themselves, such as a charity event, funeral, wedding, movie, etc… Annie will go along in whatever capacity makes it comfortable for the client. She can be introduced as a surrogate daughter, family friend or personal assistant. She can help you prepare and dress for the event. Specialized Tucson Senior or Elder Care Support Services are virtually unlimited. Her diversified background makes it easy to adapt to a variety of environments and situations.

If you have an idea for Specialized Tucson Senior or Elder Care Support Services but don’t find the answer you are seeking here, please check her other services for pet and house sitting, household and administrative projects, concierge and errands or contact her. She welcomes your calls and email inquiries and will be back in touch within 24 hours. When she’s working on a project, she won’t answer calls so she can give her undivided attention to the tasks at hand, but her voice mail is available 24/7 and she strives to return calls or emails promptly.

For services needed on a frequent, routine and consistent basis, is typically going to recommend any number of reputable home-health agencies, but for needs outside those perimeters, Specialized Tucson Senior or Elder Care Support Services by All About Services is a great option, because a long-term contract is not required and one-time or short-term projects are welcome.

Specialized Tucson Senior or Elder Care Support Services:
Companionship Visits / Outings
Wellness Checks
Pet Sitting and Pet Taxi
House Sitting
Day-to-Day Tasks and Errands
Household Projects
Administrative Projects
Household Management
Small Bill Pay
Communicating with Family Members on Behalf of Client
Travel Escort
Hospital Visits
Recovery Care from Illness or Surgery
Life-Transitional Compassion Care
End-of-Life Compassion Care

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Examples of Specialized Tucson Senior or Elder Care Support Services, from simple to comprehensive…

Recording and transcribing the life-long history of a veteran and to leave as a legacy for his or her family.

A “just-because” unexpected surprise visit to deliver a kiss, a hug, a bowl of fresh fruit or week’s groceries, a gift, play a game of cards, share a glass of ice tea, water the outdoor plants, deliver a favorite fresh-baked goodie… no reason, no special occasion.

An outing to Dairy Queen, the Casino, a Scenic drive to enjoy the desert or lunch in Sedona.

Assistance addressing holiday cards and preparing them for mailing or writing correspondence.

A wonderful pot of homemade chicken noodle soup to cure the blues or help out when going through medical treatments and cooking or eating are the last thing being considered.

Perhaps you’d like to go on vacation but are concerned about your loved one being on their own for a week or two and would like to have someone drop in on your loved one to see how they are doing or if they are in need of anything. Annie can communicate back to you via text, email or phone to let you know all is well.

Perhaps you are a son or daughter living out of state and have an elderly parent living in Tucson whom you’d like to have come for a visit, but can’t take time off work to come and get them. Annie can help with door-to-door travel. All About Services can make the travel arrangements, fly with your parent so they don’t have to navigate airports, parking, taxis, baggage claim, delays and all that’s involved. Your beloved family member gets delivered to you so they can enjoy a wonderful holiday with you and their much-beloved grandchildren. Annie can provide house-sitting services in their absence and then return to escort your parent back home, assuring them easier travels and great memories of time spent together with family.

You have an elderly parent needing to transition home and life style but you are out of state. Annie with All About Services can compassionately go through the home, with or without the homeowner, to pack, downsize and purge. The last project like this included returning many of the gifts that had been given over the years back to the children - each gift dated with the name of the child who had given it. These boxes were mailed with the most beautiful hand-written letters to each adult child about how special each gift was…

You have a loved one in the hospital for an extended and are family living out of state and unable to come, so daily visits, with a few overnight stays, can be made to keep the client’s spirits up and provide comfort, also providing an often much-needed second set of ears and eyes to communicate details to the family on behalf of the client.

If the time comes to transition from a home into assisted living or a skilled nursing facility, All About Services by Annie can assist in this transition as well in a variety of ways, from unbiased research, tours, packing, moving, and continued support for tasks outside the confines of what a facility can offer.

Annie of All About Services has a special heart for those who are alone and dying who’d rather not be alone at the time of their passing…when this time is near, she will provide end-of-life compassion care and sit with a client and do as they wish to bring them comfort from holding a hand, reading, or just being nearby and quiet. She can stay in the home for some overnights, make phone calls before or after…whatever is helpful, brings comfort, peace and serenity and fulfills the wishes of the person she’s caring for. She is hospice volunteer trained.

Though her parents were very independent and remained so well into their 80’s, she was fortunate enough to be able to relocate and be near them to provide needed assistance in their last few years, which allowed them to remain in their home, also Annie’s childhood home. They had a love story of 63 years, before her father passed followed by her mother a year later.

When you can’t be there yourself, call on All About Services by Annie, who is ready to provide Specialized Tucson Senior or Elder Care Support Services for you or your loved one. With years of helping seniors, All About Services by Annie has outstanding references, and is licensed and bonded.

If you think Specialized Tucson Senior or Elder Care Support Services provided by Annie of All About Services might be a good fit for you and your family, then a phone call or email to ask questions and determine if there is a desire to meet in person is how it starts. The next step is scheduling a fee-based consultation to get acquainted and assure compatibility, determine rates for the projects anticipated and design a customized service plan. To assure outstanding service, a service agreement is completed prior to any work commencing.


Please see some outstanding references on her review page from clients she has served.