Household Projects

Do you ever think…”I wish my life were simpler!”
Have you ever wished someone could just come in and help you organize your closets, garage, office, bills, time?

That’s what Annie does!

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Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you overwhelmed with clutter?
  • Do you make piles of things, thinking you’ll go through them at ‘some point’?
  • Is the chaos in your home or office effecting your mood and sense of well-being?
  • Do you often waste time looking for things?
  • Do you buy something just to later find you already had it?
  • Do you avoid having people over because your home isn’t as presentable as you would like?
  • Do you wish your time management skills were better?
  • Are you a busy mom with little time to keep your home organized?
  • Are you a professional who travels for work and doesn’t have time to keep up with organizing your home?
  • Are you a business owner or professional that doesn’t feel as efficient as you could be because your office is not well-organized.

Home Organizing

Expired medications, old soap, hair products that never worked like they this your bathroom? Annie will help remove the clutter and make your bathroom the peaceful \ sanctuary it should be.

Don’t choose what to wear by what’s within reach! Realize a whole new wardrobe waiting for you in the depths of your closet. Annie can help you organize your closet so you can look your best everytime you get dressed.

Whether you park your car or your stuff here, Annie can help you keep it tidy so your garage can be more than a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home.

Home Offices
Are you keeping old cable bills from a home you lived in 10 years ago? It’s time to go through your files and purge the unnecessary and file the current. Annie can help you get the paper piles off your surfaces and into a filing system so you can find that elusive car title, report card or insurance card that you’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for.

Kids Rooms
Kids are messy, but they can be taught how to be more organized! Are you tired of picking clothes, toys and even food off the floor of your child’s room? Annie can find simple ways to help your child maintain their room so you don’t have to see a disaster zone every time you walk past their room.

Convenience in the kitchen is a must! From the take-out menu drawer to the spice rack, Annie can help create a functional flow in your kitchen so you can cook and entertain with ease. Living Areas (Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Playrooms) Simplification is the key to peace of mind. When your living space is cluttered your mind and body don’t have a place to retreat. Annie can help you make your home comfortable so you can feel at ease in your personal space.

Storage Areas (Linen Closets, Pantry's, Basements)
Storing doesn’t have to mean ‘hiding’! Annie can help you organize the everyday items as well as the ones rarely used, so you can find what you need when you need it.